Block Board

Quality Block Boards For All Your Furniture Requirements

Chemical treatment and seasoning under a controlled environment, the block boards offered by the Jalaram become your ultimate answer to all of your furniture requirements. These block boards are seasoned under the controlled humidity and temperature, which makes them shielded in front of all the external threats.

Wide application area

Due to the chemical treatment and the well-tested quality, you can use these boards for all kinds of application areas where you need.

  • 1. These boards can become the part of your wall panels and help you improve the space.
  • 2. The cabinets made with these woods stay top notch for a very long time.
  • 3. Cupboards in your rooms and kitchen can get the appealing looks along with the robust design with our block board.
  • 4. You can put your faith in our block woods for making the modular furniture for your house.
  • 5. Even your office furniture can achieve the advantage of quality furniture and appealing looks.

Easy fabrication

The fabrication of the furniture becomes much easier for the worker with our block boards. Cutting, fixing, joining and nailing, all the procedures require general effort and methods like most other wood products.

Cutting these boards is easy and offers different sizes with both machine and hand saws. However, in order to cut sharp edges in of large volumes, it is better to use the polycrystalline diamond tipped machine saw.

Screwing techniques are also pretty similar to the other wood products and require general knowledge and professional skills only.

For better nailing, it is advisable to keep the staple just below the surface of the board. This way the pressure increases and nailing get pretty easier.

Maintenance requirements

All of our block boards have sturdy quality and doesn’t get affected by minor issues. However, in order to keep the quality of these block boards, it is important to provide the suitable maintenance to them.

  • 1. The storage should have proper ventilation and there should not be any sort of leaking.
  • 2. It would be wise to keep the sheets above the floor using dry bearers.
  • 3. Try keeping the storage surface flat if possible.
  • 4. Corners require the protection during the loading and unloading.
  • 5. It is better to avoid the slide dragging and dropping the boards. Keeping these small maintenance tips in mind can assure the quality looks in the furniture.

Tested according to ISI specifications

When it comes to testing the quality of our boards, we leave no room for errors. The boards go through different test phases and the end product comes out to be the way you desire it. Tests such as dimensional change, modulus rupture, edge straightness, and squareness maximum offer positive results under the ISI specifications.

So, next time when you require block boards for multiple purposes, come to Jalaram. We can provide you the combination of quality, strength, and looks at the prices that make your deal amazing.

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