Advanced Plywood For The Modern Furniture Requirements

Leaving behind the ordinary timber, at Jalaram, we offer advanced boiling water resistant plywood for the modern furniture requirements. From external to internal purpose, our plywood can be used everywhere. No need to worry about the borers, termites, dimensional instability and even delamination.

Having our plywood brings multiple advantages:

1. Strong bond

We use the hardwood only in order to achieve the long life. Plus, the application of Superior Phenol Formaldehyde resin makes the bonding so strong that the plywood stays as it is for years. So, if you desire to ensure the strong bond and the appeal in the looks, then, these are the plywood you need to use.

2. Stability

Stability is another advantage of having our plywood. We construct our plywood in a balanced way, so that, there are no chances left for dimensional errors. The grains are adjusted to build better strength as one.

3. No need to worry about borers and termite

All of our plywood is treated with an advanced Composition of chemicals, which provides a shielded protection to the plywood and doesn’t let termites or borers attack. Hence, the furniture stays beautiful for a long period.

4. Strength of the structure

We ensure that the structure of the plywood gets proper structural strength for better application. For this, the plywood goes through a high-pressure application, which enhances the density of the manufactured product.

5. No core gaps

Our well-established manufacturing approach doesn’t leave any chance for the core gaps to appear on our product.

Multiple sizes available

No matter what thickness and size you require. We have the capacity to immediately deliver the exact sizes. All you need is tell your requirements to us and the right sizes come in front of you.

Application areas

The plywood we offer comes with a wide range of application options. The professionals trust our plywood for the furniture construction for the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and even outdoor areas. In fact, our robust quality plywood is very effective for the wooden work of the railway and other transport bodies.

Cupboards, table tops, cabinets, and all the other home and office furniture become much more reliable and appealing with the plywood we offer.

Well-tested on ISI standards

We are very strict about the quality of the end product. Hence, the plywood goes through the test levels in order to modify and achieve the desired quality of the product. The plywood has been tested under the strict conditions, according to the ISI standards. The tests for the moisture content, water resistance, modulus rupture, nail holding strength, the screw holding strength and many others are conducted to achieve the top quality.

Finally, our plywood has been a trusted choice for the reputed professionals in the industry. Serving the industry since 1991, we have gained the trust of our clients only because of the continuous quality. So, if you want nothing but the best for the furniture design, then, have our plywood.

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